London's 'Pre Club' House & Disco session

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Saturday 20th july 24


London's 'Pre Club' House & Disco Session

saturday 20th July


Richie Cox

Andy unique

mark Osborne

Lyndon lennon

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HORSE & GROOM, 28 Curtain rd, Ec2a 3nz

We started doing Unique Rhythm parties back in 1992, playing great music, and creating good times....nothing much has changed....

We just like to start a bit earlier nowadays!

Our resident line up is hand picked to guarantee a musical experience from start to finish, and at each event we will at least one guest which will include some of our original DJ's from Unique Rhythm back in the day and also some DJ friends we have met along the way, all ready to bring you that Unique Rhythm vibe


We restarted our Unique Rhythm parties as a way of making sure we could all get together, play/listen to some great music, have a dance, have a sing and generally have a good time without it having to cost people alot of money. With everything going on with the cost of living crisis, this is relevant now more than ever. Unique Rhythm daytime events at the Horse & Groom will always have a free admission option and there is always access to drinking water on the bar. Everyone deserves the right to get out, catch up with friends and hear great music regardless of circumstances, so if you love your Soulful House and Disco... we got you

A Party with purpose

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London's Legendary Disco Pub

The Horse & Groom

28 Curtain Rd




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its going off Bad Bad Party
Lovely people always so welcoming and usic which is off the frigging chain
Legends for sure
OH MY GIDDY AUNT you guys rocked It gets better and better
We had a brilliant time Music and Vibe was spot on
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DJ's that have appeared at Horse & Groom

  • Timmofunk
  • Pete Pits
  • Martin Lodge
  • Richie Cox
  • Jeremy Newall
  • Dave Cooper
  • Carlene
  • Paul Clark
  • Omotosho
  • Dr Bob Jones

  • Ian & Rob
  • Max Fernandez
  • Brian Jay
  • Colin Williams
  • Joe Cox
  • David Bailey
  • Bob Masters
  • David Carter
  • Booker T


Andy Unique - Mark Osborne - Lyndon Lennon